MEB Passport Photo 2x2Michael is an architect at Johnson Roberts Associatesa Somerville-based office that focuses on public projects ranging from libraries and educational facilities to municipal buildings and sacred spaces.

Michael is experienced in all phases of the design and construction process, and has worked on projects ranging from single-family residences to higher education and transportation facilities. In his work, he dedicates careful attention to the details and connections that strengthen the experience of a design, and he strives to addresses individual, social and environmental needs in an economical and practical manner. He is especially interested in projects that balance a contemporary, modern sensibility with vernacular tradition, the craft of building and a profound sensitivity to place.

A native of Manchester, New Hampshire, Michael also manages LivableMHT, a website and online community dedicated to promoting and envisioning greater livability and stronger urban development patterns in that city. His growing interest in cities, neighborhoods and urban design has been strengthened by living in and visiting vibrant urban areas, as well as having twice been the recipient of the Alfred T. Granger Fellowship, given by Plan New Hampshire, an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to fostering sustainable planning, design and development.

He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife, a public health policy researcher.